Thursday, December 10, 2009

PLN 28

In the article "What Frontier" By David Warlock describes about how Americans are looking for challenges and that we don't do stuff because it's easy but because it's hard and he is dead right because we went to the moon not because it was easy but because we rose up to the challenge. This is like education which David Warlock starts to describe thoroughly in his article. Education is a challenge. Some people take the challenge straight on but other dodge it trying to do as least as possible with a good grade. The people who look for the challenge are going to be the successful, happy, and have a good future not for themselves but for society. Everything you do is a challenge, if it is easy or difficult. When you walk to school its a challenge. David Warlock is right because we do things for the challenge not because its easy.

PLN 27

In the post "I Read (?) The News Today, Oh Boy" By Karl Fisch is right about how "text" is changing in modern day society because we are using simpler words, phrases, and meanings but with those little things we are becoming more intelligent with how we use our "text". Jason Ohler once said we need to stop paper training our students and Jason is right because it seems as if the more time spent on the computer, writing the better the writing becomes. These are words of wisdom but words or wisdom aren't hard to come by because everyday we write them ourselves through our passages in writing and thinking for the next day. We decide the future and we decide the new "text".

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

PLN 26

In the article "I Don't Need Your Network( or Your Computer, or Your Tech Plan, or Your...) By Will Richardson is right because we do get hung up on the technology question not the curriculum question which could approve our education to new heights. Will Richardson goes on to asks question such as "How are we helping our teachers understand the potential of phones and all these shifts in general?" which leads to a great point because how are teachers going to keep up on all the technological advances. It's easy for a kid because that's what he usually does when he gets home. Surf the web and check what's came out. Video games, email, and news. If a kid keeps up on whats happening better than an adult then how is our next generation going to be? Our age is becoming so sophisticated it's just crazy to think about the future when its happening before our eyes. We have to adapt to these shifts and changes in the technological age and it seems as if we are doing a good job at it.

Monday, December 7, 2009

PLN 25

In the article "Google Goggles: Why didn't I think of that?" By Karl Fisch is amazing to think about because of how this technological advancement can affect the future. This gadget will allow humans in the future to use picture recognition for everyday use. In the future this could help the population with everyday chores and mostly everything you can think of. Google Goggles are key because they are the first thing that led to more advancement. Google Goggles are like a wakeup call of how advance we are getting. Fifty years ago we didn't even event the computer and now we can recognize pictures. I wish I could have made that discovery.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PLN 21

In the article Can Literacy Be Taught? By David Warlock describes that if someone wants something or is good at something it's because they practiced that or will do something to get to that point. This is exactly true because when you work and work at something you tend to get better. In the article David Warlock uses reading as an example because people who read less than others usually aren't as good. I think this article has more meaning that is initially there. David Warlock is saying to achieve something it takes heart and dedication. People have to want it and it's up to them to decide their own future. David Warlock goes on to say that every student will have a computer under their arm in the future. Technology is getting so advanced that in the future laptops for example will be cheaper and affordable for everyday students to have one to take to school. In the future our kids will be farther than we could ever dream and to have laptops would just step that up further.

PLN 24

In the article The World Became A Lot More Interesting by David Warlock describes that the world is being more cooperative but it's not because everyone is fighting to get into college, jobs, everything is competitive. David Warlock tells about how schools are starting to come together for the better for students because of their cooperation. Students just care about the grade and they do cooperate but not as much as people think. Jobs for example are competitive, people work together to show the boss so they can advance in their field. If anything the world is going to be less cooperative because everyone is in it for themselves. When it comes down to it there is no human being who will give their job to another. They would impress the boss or try to show him what he has. The world is not getting more cooperative in my opinion.

Monday, November 16, 2009

PLN 23

In the article Opening up the networks for learners by David Warlick describes a school obtaining wifi throughout their school and it is a good thing because students get bored during off hours while sometimes they need to finish up homework. David Warlick describes 1,200 out of 2,000 of the enrolled use some type of device to get on the internet or use wifi. This is outstanding 60% of the students have some sort of means for internet access. Parents went out and bought notebooks for their kids because this school was adding wifi. The parents must be dedicated to that school to get a laptop just because wifi was getting built in at a school. Kids should have some type of mobile device just for those times. Having wifi built in to a school is one of the many good things school can and should do.

Friday, November 13, 2009

PLN 22

In the article "Put forth our best writing selves" by Douglas Hesse isn't right about Twitter, Facebook, or texting will destroy or make writing because having these tools allows us to write more and more common than people would do in the past, if anything these tools are going to make us.

Friday, November 6, 2009


In the article Student found dead at CU-Denver by the Denver Post describes a women who dies inside the Campus Village at Aurora dorms 318 Walnut St. The cause of the death is unknown yet but I suspect it's drugs. She was found unresponsive and there's no sign of foul play. This just stirs up questions. How did she die? When did she die? Most importantly why did she die. This proves that college students need to be careful when it comes to many things. For example, drugs. This person could of been using drugs and suddenly went the wrong way. This is a wakeup call for the people going to school to tell them that even young people die.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


In the article Twitter Lists & Aggregated Content: Are We Responsible? by Karl Fisch it describes how kids get robbed of their twitter acts and just explains one big conversation over twitter. This article was interesting because I felt as if the district would be robbing my right to post on twitter.(I don't really post on twitter I don't even have an account.) The teachers should have the right not to be accounted for what they put on twitter unless it is inappropriate for society instead of school. School is filled will countless hours of teaching and at the end of the day everyone is tired and should be able to post their believes/thoughts. Should teachers have the right to post anything on twitter?

PLN 13

In the article "Keyboard vs. Pen?" it describes how a college profesor promoted a study that kids did a better job when writing with a pen. Kids do not write better using pen because I have first hand experience. Keyboards have allowed many people including myself to see their mistakes more thoroughly. Computers allow me to check the mistakes many people make like spelling words, correct punctuation, and pure grammar. If people didn't have computers than kids would be worse at writing including myself. The computer is a tool humans have created and it is whether you choose to use it wisely.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


In the article Give Me Ridiculous by David Warlock it descibed how the community came together to share wisdom at Long Island Technology Summit. This event had 206 keynotes. People would have presentations with these keynotes through the entire event. How long was this event? Who wants to know. David Warlock goes on to ask question about Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. David Warlock shows that he thinks web 3.0 should be here by now. Why is everyone talking about the web so much? Why can't we just take a break about it. Everywhere somone is talking about the web or fearful that the world is going to end. Why do we always have to worry? I don't understand why?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

PLN 17

When the article "Is Starbucks Killing Community" by David Warlick came across me it described his opinion on how people came to starbucks to enjoy sitting down with their laptops. When I sat down and started reading the article thoroughly it made me a little upset. It feels as if the topic sentence didn't say the same ideal about the rest of the article. As the article keeps going on it says something about how much a coffee costs Starbucks to make. In the end they never tell me how much it costs Starbucks to make a coffee which made me dissapointed. That was one major reason i was spending time and detail as I read through this article. David Warlick has dissapointed me and I hope he will do better work in the future.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


As i came across "Rigor Redifined" by Tony Wagner it described how our schools weren't even preparing us for the future, even our top schools. It showed us that companies are shipping jobs out of the country and it is harder to find work these days. I find this devistating because when I grow older it's going to be harder for me to find a job then it was five years ago. To me this makes me scared and fearful for my future. All this means is our kids have to work hard in school and achieve excellence to stay on top or else things will fall out of our grasp before we know it. Our excellence is the key for a better future and we decide what we do with it. Those are the thoughts that came into my mind as i read "Rigor Redifined" by Tony Wagner.


In the article "National Day on Writing: Kylene Beers Leads by Example" by Karl Fisch it describes how today is the Nation Day of Writing and how Kylene Beers is doing a lot to help the population improve on their reading and writing skills. Kylene Beers is the President of the NCTE(Nation Council of Teachers of English) who is not just talking the talk but walking the walk. Kylene has started her own blog which is devoted to help improve the people's writing and reading for opportunities in the future and for everyday use. Kylene Beers is being examples to kids everwhere that reading and writing is a key part of our life because we use it in everday life situations. Kylene Beers is doing a great job and i hope she keeps up being a great role model.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


As i was reading "Our googley advice to students: Major in learning" it came to me how small teams were sent out to do important tasks. It described how many tasks were composed of small teams that improved google to make it as it is today. It showed that you had to solve simple things that people did half the time. Google also has so many things to stay on top. I wonder how many groups of these "Small Teams" they have? I mean just think about how big and how much work and effort it takes to maintain Google. Google has many challenges and them to be solved through small groups just amaze me, that is just one of many emotions i wanted to describe through my writing when i read "Our Googley Advice to Students: Major in Learning".

Monday, October 12, 2009


While I came across "Footprints in the Digital Age" by Will Richardson it shows that we should be careful about what they put on the web because what one does doesn't just disappear. The article describes many things like how people are doing community work and how we need to help. He describes in the article how he is scared that his children aren't going to be in Google or not have an impact on society in the digital world. He would not be the only one because people like myself would want they're kids to be heard. I would want my kid to have a say in the world and not be pushed around and be told what to do like a dog. Our digital world is becoming something so sophisticated I don't even want to think how it is going to be in twenty to thirty years from now.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


In the video 20/20 by Karl Fisch he describes some amazing facts about how technology is changing. In just some of his article he says that google stocks fell down 45%. It describes about the future and what we are going to be using. What is this telling us? I don't want to know because in the future we are going to be so technology advanced, I can't even get my mind wrapped around the idea. If we don't stay on top of technology than China and other countries will have the edge over us and we won't be a world power anymore. So what do you think about technology?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Have you ever had to raise four kids on little to no money while you’re in your mid 70’s? Well this grandma has had to while her daughter dropped off her kids and left them with her. Why would anyone do that to their own mom who took care of them? People should take responsibility for their actions and not put it on others while you have the good time. She should understand the responsibility that comes with kids instead of making her grandma do all the dirty work. So should a grandma have to raise four kids on little to no money?

Thursday, September 24, 2009


"A Vision of Students Today" by Michael Weasch is teaching everyone today to try harder and be focused on what really matters because someone is out there trying to take your job and everything you stand for. Most students spend their time in class facebooking or messing around. Why? If people start to form that habbit and students start doing that everywhere then the United States is going to fall behind in everything. For example, technology, The U.S. was ahead of everyone by 1990 when it comes to the computer and etc. but now China and Japan is taking that over. When it comes to school everyone needs to do their best and get our nation ahead in technoly and etc. How hard is it though? When people like myself are just sitting there bored that's what i would do but everyone has to start changing at some point.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


"Reasoning Our Way In..." by David Warlick was telling an idea about open notebook science and it looks intresting. It describes a way to do science while having more communication, a rate which the process could progress, and reduce time wasted in failed or repited experiments. Why isn't every campus using this then? Dexel University is using this method and is showing how students are learning more and saving time. If this is true we should have more universities using the method Dexel University is using.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


"Comming to a Classroom Near You!" by Admin are describing how teachers let there students watch cartoons while the teachers do their own work as a distraction dissapointed me. Just to stop the students from bugging her? I thought that she could have done something else or have done work on her own time. A little thing like that can ruin a job, that suprised me because it wasn't even that big of a deal. That is what i felt and expressed when i read the article "Comming to a Classroom Near You!" by Admin.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pln 6

When i was reading "Are You Smarter than a Deputy Prime Minister?" it was actually intresting to me how a fifth grader was smarter than a prime minister. Would our country be better off by being run by fifth graders? It really shocked me how this girl who went to colledge had forgotten all the basic things it would take for a person to rule and it wouldn't suprise me if a normal person actually did good when it came to running the country. I know this sounds ridiculous but seriously what if a person did run the country and did just as good if not better than one of the presidents or senators. I think that when it comes down to it all we need is a good, trusting guy who can run a country.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


In the article "The New Literacy" by Clive Thompson it showed difference and similarities between "Quiet gender gap hits Colledge Balance" and Carls Fisch's "Did you Know?". Similarities are that they both involve education, everything uses text to get there point across, and they all involve students/kids. The most important image theese articles are trying to come across is to motivate kids to do their best in school so that they can have a better future. But theyre were some differences like "Did you Know" just showed us facts about the world, while "The New Literacy" told us about the new writing revolution, and "Quiet Gender Balance" just talks about how women are controlling the colledges, men are not going as far as women when it comes to colledge. But what i found out is that everything revolves around education it's like you never escape it no matter how old you are.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I never thought we were teaching a machine untill i saw the video "Machines are using us" by Michael Wesche, It shows that we have been teaching the machines and know that the machines are teaching us. During the presentation it was showing that we create everything on the web, the hyperlinks, words, pictures, everything. All i could think of was how long does it take to post all this information. It just makes me think how big the world is to be comming out with new software we use every six months for the web. How much learning would go into this, the process would take years for someone to pick off where someone lefted. That is how i felt when i was watching "Machines are using us" by Michael Wesche.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pln 3 "Womens body found in car"

When i was reading "Womens body found in car" by the denver post i was shocked and outraged. Why would anyone do something so horrible, I can't imaging this. None diserves this no matter what they did and why aren't the police doing more. All they can do at this is point is just getting a warrant, I believe police should just have the right to investigate if the terms are like in this case. That is the experiece i had when i was reading " Womens body found in car" by the denver post.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Topic Sentence for "Women Raises Bar"

During the article "Women raises bar"by Tamar Lewin it explains how women are taking a stand and proving men wrong when it comes to colledge.

Monday, August 31, 2009

"Quiet gender gap hits collegiate balance" PLN 2

In the article "Quiet gender gap hits collegiate balance" it shows that colledges are letting guys with worse grades then girls come in just because girls are becomming more educated then men, I feel as if guys aren't even taking a stand. One thing i don't know is the other side of the story so i couldn't say that girls are definitly the best when it comes to school but i can say they are catching up and they will be better then men in a couple years because they work harder and stay on topic. Girls don't socialize as much as guys and they do homework so girls are better then us men i guess. This article is a wake up call to all guys and if they don't head this warning then they might not have a good life in the future or at least not as great as they thought.


"Did you Know"

By Karl Fisch

When i was reading "Did you Know" by Karl Fisch it made me think what is really going on in the world and what we have to do to change that. It showed me the value of education and what we do with our future. I didn't know any of thoose things and i feel as if we don't have a chance against china or india. The fact that popped out to me the most would have to be that there are more honor kids in china then there are kids in the U.S. I don't know what this means but the future isn't looking good in the U.S. That is how i felt when i was watching "Did you Know" by Karl Fisch.