Thursday, May 13, 2010

PLN 28

In the article, "Our boys are falling behind in education" by Dottie Lamm describes boys are losing the race in education and how girls are exceeding guys in education. Girls and guy classes are better in the future because it allows for more learning to occur in the classroom. Same gender classrooms setup a better learning environment. The focus of the country should be on education for better lives in the future. This can't happen unless the country can use more resources to allow students to learn better. Girls' brains develop faster giving the advantage. Schools are putting to much pressure on the students to learn and causing failure to happen. Guys need to improve the learning that happens in the classroom before its to late.

Monday, May 3, 2010

PLN 27

In the article, "Authorities release photos of couple allegedly victimizing senior citizens" by Howard Pankratz describes a young couple who allegidly knocked on a senior citizen's door and stole old coins, and valuables through out the house. Then the young couple went to a nearby gas station and spent the old coins. This couple should be caught and prosecuted for victimizing these seniors citizens. Every person is equal in every way, shape, and form. Every person gets old or dies, so why should a person vandelize their own kind? This young couples broke the law and discriminated our society and should be brought to justice.

PLN 26

In the article "12-year-old boy hit by bus still in critical condition" by Kirk Mitchell describes a 12-year old trying to catch a bus, but ending up in serious condition. No charges have been set, according to police. The school district should have precautions set in place so something like this doesn't happen. This student is still in the hospital under intensive treatment. The incident happened on Friday when he injured his pelvis, leg, and foot. The school district should punish the bus driver who should have realized the situation that was occurring. The bus driver should have consequences for his actions for injuring the 12-year-old boy.