Wednesday, December 9, 2009

PLN 26

In the article "I Don't Need Your Network( or Your Computer, or Your Tech Plan, or Your...) By Will Richardson is right because we do get hung up on the technology question not the curriculum question which could approve our education to new heights. Will Richardson goes on to asks question such as "How are we helping our teachers understand the potential of phones and all these shifts in general?" which leads to a great point because how are teachers going to keep up on all the technological advances. It's easy for a kid because that's what he usually does when he gets home. Surf the web and check what's came out. Video games, email, and news. If a kid keeps up on whats happening better than an adult then how is our next generation going to be? Our age is becoming so sophisticated it's just crazy to think about the future when its happening before our eyes. We have to adapt to these shifts and changes in the technological age and it seems as if we are doing a good job at it.

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