Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PLN 21

In the article Can Literacy Be Taught? By David Warlock describes that if someone wants something or is good at something it's because they practiced that or will do something to get to that point. This is exactly true because when you work and work at something you tend to get better. In the article David Warlock uses reading as an example because people who read less than others usually aren't as good. I think this article has more meaning that is initially there. David Warlock is saying to achieve something it takes heart and dedication. People have to want it and it's up to them to decide their own future. David Warlock goes on to say that every student will have a computer under their arm in the future. Technology is getting so advanced that in the future laptops for example will be cheaper and affordable for everyday students to have one to take to school. In the future our kids will be farther than we could ever dream and to have laptops would just step that up further.

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