Friday, April 23, 2010

PLN 25

In the article "El Paso County deputy dragged 40 yards after traffic stop" by The Denver Post(no name given besides The Denver Post) describes a dispute between a police officer and a civilian that was pulled over. After an argument between the two the civilian drove off with the police officer's hand still in the civilian's car. After 40 yards the police officer dispatched from the civilian's car. This situation is unjust because the police officers should have more authority to make sure something like this shouldn't happen. Instead of the civilian getting hurt, the police officer does. Police should have more authority to uphold the law, instead of having the civilians hurting the police.

PLN 24

In the article, "CenturyTel to buy Qwest in $10.6 billion stock swap" by Andy Vuoung describes Quest and CenturyTel to be merging and having layoffs while paying off the shareholders. Quest supplies Colorado with many jobs and to merge is going to lay off some of those jobs. If all corporations merged than those corporations would make more money and make some of the smaller businesses go out of business. Quest and CenturyTel might take even more small companies out of business. Quest and CenturyTel shouldn't merge because it could hurt the economy more than help it.

PLN 23

In the article "Springs man, 18, held in shooting death" by Kieran Nicholson says that two people, Claudio Vega and a second victim unidentified. According to police they were both shot and killed and currently they have a suspect in jail named Adan Viveros. Why would Adan Viveros do something so sinister so evil to kill someone. Who gives him the right? Who can we blame besides Adan? Our cities needs to try and cut down on drugs, murders, etc. This could have been prevented, like everything can be. Adan Viveros doesn't have the right, or anyone else does not have the right to kill.

PLN 22

In the article "DA: Officers who killed two bank robbers justified" By Howard Pankratz describes a gun fight between two people that robbed a bank. The police were in a high speed chase with two people named Benshoof and Johnson who fired shots at the police. Benshoof and Johnson shot and hit an officer. One of the police cars following Benshoof and Johnson than pulled in front of them and stopped them. From there Benshoof and Johnson opened fire and the police officers fired over one-hundred rounds only nine hitting each, Benshoof and Johnson who both ended up dieing. The police had the right to kill both Benshoof and Johnson for firing at police, and hitting a police officer. Police officers should have more rights because this incident wouldn't have gone as far if the police officers have stopped it earlier. The police were justified to kill Benshoof and Johnson for firing and hitting a police officer.

PLN 21

In the article "Kids and the IPad" by Will Richardson describes his goals as to play more with multimedia, and yesterday, and that he dove into a movie project. Later on in the article Will Richardson puts a link to watch about the IPad and kids. The IPad is a remarkable device with many features. The IPad is mobile, Internet capable, and has many applications for it. The IPad should be used in many classrooms as a tool of the feature because it allows kids to learn in a new experience. The IPad has many resources that should be used in many classes.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

PLN 20

In the article "One Toe Back in the Classroom" by Karl Fisch describes Karl Fisch having to multi-task under the economy. Karl Fisch has to teach algebra 1 next year while also doing his current job, help students, and helping with the new language arts books. The day outlook is busy just because of teaching and other important things. Karl Fisch should not have to balance to many things on his shoulders. Teaching is a hard enough job but when you add ordering books, and doing his current job it's like paying one man for two jobs. This reason is probably because of the economy and cut backs. Teaching requires hours upon hours of dedication and hard work not to mention doing another job. Karl Fisch must be under stress because of his jobs. Karl Fisch should not have to teach algebra 1 next year because it is to much weight on his shoulders.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

PLN 11

In the article "A Teaching Profesion" by David Warlock describes that teaching is a job. The article goes on about a person dissagreeing about teaching as not a profession when quite frankly it is. Teaching takes a great deal of time due to grading papers, working with students, drawing lesson plans, and etc. Becomming a teacher needs the education, time, and effort which is the same requirements for any field of expertise. Teaching is a professional carear according and David Warlock goes on to describe that in his article "A Teaching Professional".

PLN 10

In the article "The Race... Continues" by David Warlock describes the education system and its spending. They're were sixteen finalists in states that were legible for 4.35 billion dollars to be added to their budget. Congress is cutting the budget of schools anyway when we need to be increasing. The future of America lies within the kids and if the kids do not receive a good education than the future of America will grow dim. More and more schools are being shut down causing stress on kids and their families. Instead of giving 4.35 billion dollars to one school we should increase the overall spending towards schools. The U.S. is spending an incredible amount compared to the past years and increasing the nation's debt when instead the U.S. could be putting that money toward the education system. The U.S. should be giving not only one school but all schools more money to increase the education of kids around the country.

PLN 14

In the article "2010 AHS Faculty Dance Video" by Karl Fisch displays a video of an Arapahoe assembly. In this assembly the faculty dance in a 70's theme. These assemblies should be more common through out America. In schools there should be a fun environment to learn in. Every once and a while there should be something fun for example the school faculty dance. This dance was funny just to look at. If schools in America don't have any fun and strict learning strategies than school kids, like myself would not enjoy school as much at all. Its a good thing we had a faculty dance because it was fun to watch and should be done more often in schools around America.

PLN 13

"Spokeo" is an invasion of personal privacy. Spokeo shows the personal information of others', such as their income, pets, their car, and etc. Spokeo can show the rough basics of a person. As technology increases the question remains. How much information of our lives is on the web? A surprising amount of information is thrown on the web through programs such as facebook, myspace, and other social networking websites. How many people would like their life on the internet.? Spokeo should not an online resource because its an invasion of person privacy to people around the world.

PLN 12

In the article "A Different Kind of Company Name" by Google is astatic and fools you for a minute. The article describes Google changing its name to Topeka which is a city in Kansas. At first, taking this serious I was shocked and disturbed. Then realizing it was April fools day was glad it wasn't official. If Google changed its name to Topeka than more users of Google will be disappointed, including myself because Google has been established as a company that has valuable information. Google is one of many resources online but by far one of the most used. Google changing its name have fooled not only myself but probably many others. Its a good thing Google didn't change its name because of the history of Google.