Monday, August 31, 2009

"Quiet gender gap hits collegiate balance" PLN 2

In the article "Quiet gender gap hits collegiate balance" it shows that colledges are letting guys with worse grades then girls come in just because girls are becomming more educated then men, I feel as if guys aren't even taking a stand. One thing i don't know is the other side of the story so i couldn't say that girls are definitly the best when it comes to school but i can say they are catching up and they will be better then men in a couple years because they work harder and stay on topic. Girls don't socialize as much as guys and they do homework so girls are better then us men i guess. This article is a wake up call to all guys and if they don't head this warning then they might not have a good life in the future or at least not as great as they thought.


"Did you Know"

By Karl Fisch

When i was reading "Did you Know" by Karl Fisch it made me think what is really going on in the world and what we have to do to change that. It showed me the value of education and what we do with our future. I didn't know any of thoose things and i feel as if we don't have a chance against china or india. The fact that popped out to me the most would have to be that there are more honor kids in china then there are kids in the U.S. I don't know what this means but the future isn't looking good in the U.S. That is how i felt when i was watching "Did you Know" by Karl Fisch.