Friday, November 6, 2009


In the article Student found dead at CU-Denver by the Denver Post describes a women who dies inside the Campus Village at Aurora dorms 318 Walnut St. The cause of the death is unknown yet but I suspect it's drugs. She was found unresponsive and there's no sign of foul play. This just stirs up questions. How did she die? When did she die? Most importantly why did she die. This proves that college students need to be careful when it comes to many things. For example, drugs. This person could of been using drugs and suddenly went the wrong way. This is a wakeup call for the people going to school to tell them that even young people die.


  1. It's important to recognize the danger in taking drugs. But I think in this article we have to ask the question, why was she taking drugs? Could it be the stress of college? Or perhaps some very personally problems. This answer is no doubt extremely complicated. Good post.

  2. As Dan pointed out, the use of drugs is very important. Many people have accidentally overdosed on prescription drugs given for depression, or even for pain. We also have to take in consideration medical issues the girl might have had. For example, she could've had a brain aneurysm. Some people don't realize they have one. The serious problem with brain aneurysms, is that if it ruptures, the outcome can be deadly.