Friday, April 23, 2010

PLN 22

In the article "DA: Officers who killed two bank robbers justified" By Howard Pankratz describes a gun fight between two people that robbed a bank. The police were in a high speed chase with two people named Benshoof and Johnson who fired shots at the police. Benshoof and Johnson shot and hit an officer. One of the police cars following Benshoof and Johnson than pulled in front of them and stopped them. From there Benshoof and Johnson opened fire and the police officers fired over one-hundred rounds only nine hitting each, Benshoof and Johnson who both ended up dieing. The police had the right to kill both Benshoof and Johnson for firing at police, and hitting a police officer. Police officers should have more rights because this incident wouldn't have gone as far if the police officers have stopped it earlier. The police were justified to kill Benshoof and Johnson for firing and hitting a police officer.


  1. i agree, people who say that incidents like this should get the police officer fired dare not thinking this through.