Thursday, April 1, 2010

PLN 10

In the article "The Race... Continues" by David Warlock describes the education system and its spending. They're were sixteen finalists in states that were legible for 4.35 billion dollars to be added to their budget. Congress is cutting the budget of schools anyway when we need to be increasing. The future of America lies within the kids and if the kids do not receive a good education than the future of America will grow dim. More and more schools are being shut down causing stress on kids and their families. Instead of giving 4.35 billion dollars to one school we should increase the overall spending towards schools. The U.S. is spending an incredible amount compared to the past years and increasing the nation's debt when instead the U.S. could be putting that money toward the education system. The U.S. should be giving not only one school but all schools more money to increase the education of kids around the country.

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