Wednesday, January 27, 2010


In the question "Lots of people think that computers are a waste of money, and that students should be learning important skills like writing and reading rather than wasting time on computers. Do you agree that computers in the classroom are a waste of time and money? Why or why not?" by Dr. Warchauer should state than computers aren't a waste of time and money. It's a proven fact that when one reeds the web or something online they learn better and faster. Also computers open up new resources, new ways to learn, and communicating with others better. As a nation the students should be learning on the newest and best materials to stay ahead of the world. If we slip in the education branch then other countries will have the advantage instead of us. Computers teach new things that paper and pen can never. When you write on paper you can't undo something as easily as with a computer. The computer is the universal tool of the century. When the nation as a whole switches to computers than something great is going to happen. Computers are not a waste of time and money because we can achieve much more with a computer than a pen.

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